Calendar June 2021

This page shows the Church Calendar for the current or selected month. We are beginning to resume a pattern of worship in our church buildings. Our current schedule of services is provisional and subject to change at the last minute as we follow ever changing C of E and Government Guidance.

For those of you that like worshipping via Zoom it will be necessary to change the service time from now on. If you would like to meet on Zoom as a worship/house group please let Sarah know. As we begin to open our church we do not want anyone to feel excluded..

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2 Wed  Mid-week Communion, St John's, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
9 Wed  Mid-week Communion, St John's, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
    Columba, Abbot of Iona   
11 Fri  Saint Barnabas View more..

Saint Barnabas

'a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith'. This wonderful tribute to this saint was written by St Luke in Acts 12. Because of these qualities Barnabas was called 'an Apostle' even though he was not one of the original twelve. He was born 'Joseph', but was known by the other Christian leaders as 'Barnabas' meaning 'son of encouragement'. All this from perhaps a rather unlikely background given the hostility of so many prominent Jews to the teaching, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. For Barnabas was born a prosperous Jew, a member of a Levite family which had for many generations been part of the strong Jewish settlement on the island of Cyprus. He was almost certainly present at the stoning of Stephen the first martyr and, at the scene of that tragedy, would have seen Saul of Tarsus the fierce denunciator of the followers of Jesus (Acts 7).

He was to play a leading role in the spreading of the gospel beyond the Holy Land, working with Peter, Paul

    Holy Communion, Goathill  9:00 am 
    Holy Commuinion, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
    Evensong, Charlton Horethorne  6:00 pm 
16 Wed  Mid-week Communion, St John's, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
    St Richard, Bishop of Chichester View more..

St Richard, Bishop of Chichester

It is hard to believe that it is already five years since we celebrated the 750th anniversary of the death of St Richard. The new icon of St Richard which made its way through the diocese was here in St Margaret's on May 13th 2003. The Common Worship lectionary has moved his day from April 3rd to June 16th which was when, in 1253, he was buried in his shrine behind the high altar of the cathedral in Chichester. He had died in Dover and his body was carried all the way back to Chichester - even perhaps taking a route north of the Downs from Lewes and perhaps passing close to our community as it mourned the loss of a much loved bishop.

Richard de Wych in his earlier career was a specialist in the law of the church. He had been Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and then 'right hand man' to St Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury. After the death of St Edmund, Richard?s career took a different turn as he went to study in France, was ordained priest and was on the point of

    Holy Communion, Milborne Wick  9:00 am 
    Holy Communion, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
    Holy Communion, Charlton Horethorne  6:00 pm 
22 Tue  Alban, First Martyr of Britain c 250   
23 Wed  Mid-week Communion, St John's, Milborne Port  10:30 am 
    Ethelreda, Abbess of Ely c 678   
24 Thu  The Birth of St John the Baptist   
28 Mon  Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, c 200   
29 Tue  Ss Peter & Paul, Apostles   
30 Wed  Mid-week Communion, St John's, Milborne Port  10:30 am