Saturday 14 September 2019

  Ride+Stride for Churches

Putting your best foot and pedal forward to support our local churches and community.

This September, thousands of people across Somerset and the UK will be walking, pedalling or riding their horses to support the annual Ride+Stride fundraising event. Somerset will be playing its part as well and we hope you will join us on Saturday 14th September. The Somerset Churches Trust is calling on people to get out in the wonderful sunshine to explore our beautiful countryside, make new friends and help support the work of the charity to protect our churches, chapels and places of worship.

You can find out all you will need to plan your day, obtain sponsorship and record the churches that you visit by logging onto our website  https://www.somersetchurchestrust.org and clicking on the Ride+ Stride section.

The Somerset Churches Trust is a non-denominational charity which gives grants to churches and chapels across the county of Somerset. We provide help with repairs to the main fabric of the building, but also improvement works such as better access, kitchens and other facilities that will keep the building at the heart of the community.

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