Easter Window Village Trail

To celebrate Easter, and, following a dark and anxious time over the winter months, to look forward to brighter times ahead with hope, the SOMP would like volunteers to decorate a window in their house. Let your creativity and imagination loose to make a display that reflects the new growth and re-birth associated with this important springtime festival. Will you choose eggs, or chicks, or lambs, or flowers? Whatever, it must be colourful, bright and cheerful, be visible from the street, and will provide an exciting Easter trail for villagers, young and old alike. If you would like to take part by decorating a window, this is what you need to do:

To take part in the window display:

1. Go to the front porch at 26 Wheathill Way.

2. Pick up a numbered paper Easter Bunny (available from Monday 15th March). This will need to be incorporated in your display.

3. Write your name and address on the pad provided in the porch so that we know where that numbered bunny will be displayed.

4. Decorate your window by Sunday 28th March ready for people to come and find them. Don’t forget the bunny.

5. There will be a prize for the ‘best’ window.

To take part in the trail:

1. Collect an entry form from the Co-op, Wayne’s or the front porch of 26 Wheathill Way. These will be available from Saturday 27th March.

2. Visit the streets/roads where the windows are located from Monday 29th March, spot the number of the bunny, and write the name of the road where you have found it on your form.

3. When you have found all the bunnies, and enjoyed looking at the wonderful window displays, return the form to 26 Wheathill Way, by Friday 9 th April. There will be a prize for the first two correct answers out of the hat.

Thank you all in advance and have fun.

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