Change of Guidelines for Choirs

For several weeks, since restrictions were eased in April, St John's Choir has been singing hymns during communion at the 10.30 service, with the necesary precautions to ensure the safety of choir and congregation.

But, on 18th May, the day after many more restrictions were removed, allowing people to drink and eat in pubs and restaurants and sports venues to open to the public, the government announced that amateur choirs must be restricted to only six when in church or rehearsal.  This makes it very difficult for Rachel to decide who sings and who does not each Sunday.

There is a petition set up to request the Government to change this ridiculous restriction, which applies equally to the smallest church and the largest cathedral. The petition can be found at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/586559 and it would be helpful if all those who are able to could sign it. It only takes a minute or so. At the time of writing nearly 20,000 signatures had been added since Friday.

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