Update on vacancy

Dear Fellow Members of the Churches of Milborne Port Benefice,

We have promised to keep you updated with any information we received from the Diocese about the vacancy.

We have now been informed that the Diocese is absolutely committed to having a Vicarage in the village which is great news for us since clearly they would not be making this commitment if they did not intend to replace the incumbent.

The housing committee for the Diocese visited The Vicarage last month.  They have concluded that it is not financially feasible to refurbish The Vicarage – as discussed at the PCC this would cost over £200k and that is money that the Diocese simply does not have.  £200k is in effect the salary of 7 incumbents for one year and we know the pressure on the Diocese to cut clergy posts.  It is much better stewardship of Diocesan funds to spend the money on clergy rather than on refurbishing property.

The Diocese therefore proposes to sell the current vicarage and replace it with another family home that is more economical to run and manageable.  They absolutely guarantee that this will happen and are actively seeking properties that meet the criteria for clergy housing. By doing this they make the vacant post much more attractive to potential applicants many of whom would have been put off by the cost of running the current vicarage and managing its gardens even if it had been refurbished. 

We wanted to let you know this news before any rumours began to circulate.

It is such a relief to know that the incumbency will be advertised and that the Diocese are doing all they can to help us attract good candidates.

We will also let the congregations know this update on Sunday during the services.

Nicki Edwards, Jacquie Hall, Charlie Beney and Trudy West


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