Christian Aid in Milborne Port

Christian Aid Week was 12 – 18 May.  You will recall the envelope which was delivered to you.  It featured the story of Jebbeh Konneh in Sierra Leone who was eight months pregnant.  Her sister died in childbirth and Jebbeh was afraid that she could be next.  Contributions given during Christian Aid Week could help her community to build a health clinic so that mums like Jebbeh can give birth safely.  More information can be found at christianaid.org.uk.

You will be delighted to know that in Milborne Port, Goathill and Milborne Wick, £1,115.22 was raised during the week.  The number of gifts received was 223, 40 of which were gift-aided.  This will enable Christian Aid to recover a further £139.61.  I am sure that those who will benefit from your kindness would want to give you a heart-left ‘thank you’. 

Thank you too to the 32 collectors who between them managed to cover all the roads; we are immensely grateful to you for your time and effort.  We are also very grateful to the Butcher, the Pharmacy and the Co-op for hosting the collecting boxes.  These boxes brought in £341.85, so thank you to all who used them.  Special thanks go to Remous, our local printer, for continuing to donate the printed slips.  This saves the organiser a very great deal of time and effort and is very much appreciated.

Inevitably we will need two or three more members of our team for next year, so if you would like to help us please contact me on 01935 812209 or Anne Salkeld on 01963 250529.

David Johnson (Treasurer)

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