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Sponsor a Date 2024

St John's Church
X St John's Church St John's Church

Please can you help us with the daily running costs of our beautiful and historic building?
Choose a date (s), e.g.  birthday, anniversary or special day,
as many as you like!

For each date, contribute £30 towards the upkeep of the Church on that day. 
You can pay through BACS, Ref ( SaD 24) cash or cheque - and either phone or email or complete an application form with your chosen date(s).

01963 250328.        07740 862 823

We will display the special days, thank God for that memory and for your generosity in helping us keep our lovely Church open.

We would like to thank God for the kindness of the following people for contributing to the daily costs of running our beautiful Church on their memorable date.